Apócriphos / Supay Labs

An experimental digital publishing house in Peru.

About the Project


June 2012


Lima, Peru


María Isabel Espinoza
Daniel Luna
Eduardo Marisca

Apócriphos was an experiment to create a digital publication platform in Peru. At first, our purpose was to provide handholding to authors and organisations interested in creating digital publciations, both from a technical point of view (layouts, file formats, coding) and from a management perspective (community management, content promotion).

Later, Apócriphos - reborn as Supay Labs - pivoted to focus on the creation of a digital platform for the publishing of academic journals, which we called Wisa. Wisa was to become an easy to use tool for both readers as well as editors/authors, that would automate virtually the entire editorial process of an academic publication. The purpose was to relieve an editorial team from the overhead of managing the logistics of the editorial process, so they could focus on getting the best possible content, while designing around a usability focus that we found to be lacking from most every online academic journal tool available.

Although we began the process of design and coding of the web application that would manage this process, we ultimately had to scrap the project when the members of the team found it impossible to dedicate the required time. The Apócriphos/Supay Labs/Wisa team included Daniel Luna and Marisabel Espinoza, as well as myself.