Creative Industries Prototyping Lab

Developing critical technologies and alternative infrastructures with innovators in Lima

About the Project


April 2014


Lima, Peru


Erica Deahl
Rodrigo Davies
Julie Fischer
Jason Lipshin
Eduardo Marisca
Lingyuxiu Zhong

With support from:

Casa Andina
La Victoria Lab
Ministerio de Cultura
MIT Public Service Center

The Creative Industries Prototyping Lab was an initiative of the graduate students in the Comparative Media Studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was a three-day event where graduate researchers from the program facilitated a series of collaborative and interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and design sessions focused on digital creative industries. Facilitators led local participants through the potentials and challenges of working in the digital creative industries, and worked through a process of critical technology design. The goal of the event was to produce prototypes of tools, media and processes that allow groups and communities to share creative visions — and to help participants develop the knowledge and skills they need to build audiences, manage community interactions, make an impact on social issues, and develop sustainable creative ventures.

Sessions were structured around the themes of critical technologies — building tools and processes that are effective, innovative and scalable — and alternative infrastructures — developing the systems required to bring those technologies to the markets and communities that can benefit from them. Led by an interdisciplinary team of highly-skilled facilitators, participants built their understanding of creative industries through practice: by producing products and services and discovering the best ways to make them publicly accessible.

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