Creative Technologies Prototyping Lab: Education

Designing solutions to Peru's learning and education challenges

About the Project


May 2015


Lima, Peru


Liam Andrew
Chelsea Barabas
Suruchi Dumpawar
Sean Flynn
Desi González
Eduardo Marisca
Chris Peterson
Giancarlo Sandoval

With support from:

Fundación Telefónica

The Creative Technologies Prototyping Lab: Education was a three-day design workshop in Lima, Peru, focused on creating and prototyping solutions to Peru’s major challenges in the areas of learning and education.

About 80 participants, including educators, technologists, researchers, designers, and media makers, were joined by a group of eight facilitators from the MIT Comparative Media Studies program at the UTEC campus in Barranco. Multidiscipinary teams worked to identify specific problems, brainstorm potential solutions, and come up with concepts that could leverage digital technologies and design methodologies to introduce scalable, sustainable solutions. The resulting prototypes were showcased at a public event hosted by Fundación Telefónica at the Wayra space in downtown Lima.

CTPL was a follow-up to the Creative Industries Prototyping Lab held in Lima the year before. These events have contributed to the introduction of design tools and methodologies with a new generation of creative practitioners in Lima, fostering an emerging community of designers equipped with the mindset and the resources for a more nuanced and informed exploration of the potential of digital technologies.

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