Developing Game Worlds

Exploring the evolution of indie game development in Lima, Peru

About the Project


February 2013 - May 2014


Cambridge, MA + Lima, Peru

With support from:

IGDA Scholars
MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing
MIT Kelly-Douglas Fund

In May 2014, I finished my Master’s thesis in the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT, researching the emergence of the video game industry in Peru. This work is the result of several months of qualitative research carried out in Lima, Peru, primarily between May and August 2013. It is an effort to map the history and current configuration of the game industry in Lima, as well as its potential and challenges as it consolidates into a growing technology sector and creative industry.

The project was evaluated by T.L. Taylor (my main advisor) and Ian Condry from the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT. This work is one of a handful of studies available on game industries in Peru (and Latin America in general) — at least that I’ve been able to find. It also attempts to contribute some ideas about how to identify, map, and strengthen technology industries in developing economies by looking at the work of existing creative communities that are invisible to most measures and indicators.

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